Charger 1969
photo(s)  engine other info owner(s)
318, 440 on the way! more photo's Thia & Andre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
440 magnum larger image & more info Timo Turtiainen, Finland
building a 548 Hemi larger image & more info Pat, Emporia, Kansas, USA
??? larger image & more info Trakpak(?) from ???

440 six pack more photo's Steve Thornton, Dallas, USA
more info at website
440 4bbl holley carb more info & photo's Chris Giardina, New York, USA
340v8 bored 0.40 over  more info & photo's Adrian Rubalcaba, Visalia, CA, USA


318 larger image & more info Jason Hall, New York, USA
318/360 more info & photo's Chris Davies, Bakersfield, CA, USA
400 4 barrel more info & photo's Mike & Charlotte, NC, USA
440 4 barrel more info & larger image David, Chase City Va, USA
??? larger image Bob X, Berlin, Germany
484 larger image & more photo's Greg Robinson, Gold Coast, Australia
383 4 barrel more info & photo's Max Torres, Tucson, Arizona, USA
383 4BBL more info & photo's Kurt Smith, Norfolk, USA
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